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Welcome to Give Plants

A plant is a long-lasting, living gift.  It may be a cliché, but plants really are a gift that keeps on giving.  Perhaps you’ll choose a lemon tree to give someone who’s moving into a new house; each time they pick a lemon and add it to a cool drink they’ll think of you.  Or maybe you’ll send a tree to celebrate the birth of a new baby. The tree will grow with the baby; they’ll play in its shade or climb it when they’re older.

Choose a plant:

Our plants and trees are much more than seedlings; they’re well established, hardy plants ready to go into a container or in the garden. Plants come in either a large or a medium size.

Checkout and write a gift card:

Order and pay for your plant through our secure website, then write a message to be printed in the gift card that is slotted inside the box.


All plants arrive in a smart, recyclable box especially designed for safe delivery to your recipient.  The box is made from mostly recycled paper, produced from New Zealand-grown trees.  Each plant is watered then wrapped to prevent any soil spillage or leakage. In our large-sized boxes, the plants are also tucked into a handy, drawstring tote bag, perfect for using again to carry swimming togs or sports gear.

Our plants don’t cost the earth.  In fact they give back to the Earth, as well as providing a memorable gift for your recipient.