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How do I unpack my Give Plants gift?

  1. Remove from the box. Squash the box to put in your paper recycling.
  2. Cut the cord on the plastic bag, dispose in the rubbish bin.
  3. Lifting by the pot, not the plant, take out of the plastic bag. The bag is biodegradable and can be composted at home or commercially.  Do not keep it in the bag or your plants roots will begin to rot.
  • Indoor plants come in an indoor pot that ready to put in a medium to well-lit spot in your home. Water with ½-1 cup weekly depending on the warmth of its position.
  • Outdoor plants need to be planted into a larger outdoor pot or in the garden asap although if the soil is kept moist it will be fine in its pot for up to a month.
  • Further specific care instructions relating to your variety of plant are on the tag attached to the plant.

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