• Astelia Chathamica

    Astelia Indoor Foliage White Pot

    Astelia Silver Spear is in a class of its own. The clean silver coloured stiff and upright sword...

    $64.50 Includes Shipping
  • Bay Tree - Delivery NZ Wide

    Nobilis (Bay Tree)

    The aromatic sweet bay tree has dark green shiny leaves and suits shaping into an easy-care topiary. It's...

    $54.90 Includes Shipping
  • Camellia

    Of the Month

    Camellia of the Month! The team will select the Camellia variety that is best at the time. Living...

    $79.90 Includes Shipping
  • Fern

    Hen and Chicken Fern

    The Hen and Chicken Fern (Asplenium bulbifurm) is a native of New Zealand and makes an ideal house...

    $64.50 Includes Shipping
  • Fern Belchnum Silver Lady

    Silver Lady Fern

    If you a looking for dwarf tree fern, Blechnum gibbum  or ‘Silver Lady Fern’ could well be it....

    $64.50 Includes Shipping
  • Gardenia White Flowers - Delivery NZ Wide

    Of the Month

    We will choose the Gardenia variety that is looking the best. Normally with single white flowers that age...

    $54.90 Includes Shipping
  • Giant White Bird of Paradise 'Strelitzia Nicolai'

    Of the Month

    Strelitzia Nicolai, commonly known as the Giant White Bird of Paradise or wild banana, is a species of...

    $79.90 Includes Shipping
  • Jasmine White Flowers - Delivery NZ Wide

    Chinese Star

    Sweet, fragrant flowers for years to come? Every gardening mum would love this gift. This evergreeen climber has...

    $54.90 Includes Shipping
  • Money Tree & Red Pot - Housewarming Gift Plant - Delivery NZ Wide

    Red Pot

    Who says money doesn't grow on trees? The Hummel's Sunset or Crassula Ovata also known as the money...

    $69.90 Includes Shipping
  • Philodendron - Xanadu

    Xanadu in White Pot

    Philodendron Xanadu is a striking indoor plant that makes it a perfect accent to the home or office...

    $64.50 Includes Shipping
  • Ponytail Palm

    Ponytail Palm

    The ponytail palm tree has become a popular houseplant and it is easy to see why. Its sleek...

    $64.50 Includes Shipping
  • Lime Tree - Delivery NZ Wide

    Key and Tahitian

    Would you like that extra zing in your salad? This attractive tree has dark, glossy leaves and will...

    $59.90 Includes Shipping
  • Hebe Diosmifolia

    Hebe Diosmifolia

    A neat growing attractive small shrub with close set deep green leaves. Flowers pale lavender to almost white...

    $54.90 Includes Shipping