Choosing the perfect gift for someone can be challenging, but the team at Give Plants has the ideal solution with something from our special range of large plants. Giving a large outdoor or indoor potted plant is such a meaningful gesture that will keep giving.

Our Feijoas are fast-growing, hardy, easy-care fruit trees with attractive crimson flowers that look great in pots or in a garden, and the Yunnanensis or Gracipes gift plants are hardy enough to tolerate most conditions, producing plenty of creamy-white magnolia-type flowers in early summer that leave a slight lemony fragrance. Or gift a taste of the Mediterranean with an olive tree, the symbol of abundance and peace. These large plants grow very well in pots, making them great house warming gifts for city apartments or homes with small gardens.

Delivered anywhere in New Zealand and beautifully presented in eco-friendly packing with a personalised card, these plants are ideal gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or housewarming.