Mother's Day 2021

Flowers and chocolates aren't the only gifts to send Mum this Mother's Day. Mother's Day plants last longer, and you can give your mum a gift that she will appreciate for months - maybe even years to come.  Read more

Easter in the garden


Autumn is here and the growing season is slowing. March/April is a major harvesting period so the garden will be full of delicious crops to enjoy.

The garden will be laden with crops like tomatoes, beans, sweetcorn and beetroot, all ready to be picked, bottled, preserved, and prepared for use over the colder months. As it's a major harvesting period for both fruit and veges it's the perfect time to plant more for continuous harvests over the cooler months. Follow our guide below for your region.

Remember if you are growing from seed to dry and save seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and beans, and store them in labelled envelopes ready for sowing next spring. 

With autumn's arrival the widest variety of bulbs are now in-store, so it’s time to pick your bulbs to plant for a stunning spring show.

Harvest time is from seedling planting to harvest. For seeds, depending on variety, it will take an extra 6-8 weeks from germination to planting.

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Flowers.  A gift suitable for all occasions & the most popular go to present for those short on time & inspiration.  But does it make sense to make a gift of something whose beauty is so incredibly fleeting?  A bouquet of blooms lasts a working week at best before making a depressing table display as it proceeds to wither, brown & shrivel, leaving the recipient the hassle of clean up & disposal.  Give Plants offers a more thoughtful alternative to sending a bunch of flowers – Living Flowers. Read more

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift giving is an essential tool that can be used in the marketing communication mix. If carried out effectively opportunities can arise for the company in the form of strengthening the bonds with key customers and employees, creating a feeling of reciprocity and goodwill, forming new relationships, and promoting the business of the company. Read more

Christmas Gifts

With the festive season fast approaching, it may be a good idea to get the Christmas shopping out of the way early to save the mad rush a few days before. Whether a corporate Christmas gift or individual Christmas gift, there are plenty of beautiful plants to choose from here at Give Plants. Good quality plants that will see the new year through and many more years ahead in the future, it is a lasting gift that will always remind the receiver of you.  Read more

Seedling Plant vs Tree

It may not seem like a huge difference when it comes to sending a seedling plant as a gift compared to sending a medium to large plant/tree but in reality there is quite a difference that you may or may not be aware of when it comes to choosing a living beautiful good quality gift to send someone. The size of a plant matters! The mortality rate of seedling plants is quite high, in the sense that they need extra love and care in its first stages of life to flourish. Compare this with a garden centre grade plant/tree of medium or large sized, some of the job has already been done and it is at a stage where it is much stronger to survive. Beneficial also to that of receiving a plant over a seedling plant is that it will become fully grown in a shorter amount of time and you can reap the rewards of some plants such as fruit bearing trees a lot quicker but still have the privilege of helping and watching it to grow.  Read more

Gardening - Is it therapeutic?

I’m sure many of us have felt a great sense of satisfaction after a good session in the garden pulling out all the overgrown weeds from a long cold winter to be left with a beautiful clean garden that you can actually see the soil and distinguish between plants and weeds that looked like plants . With this accomplishment and probably a bit of an aching body after, the reward of a beautifully looking garden may outweigh any sore back pain you may have gathered and you may in fact feel refreshed, renewed and content with your gardens outcome- simply to be admired and enjoyed.  Read more

Spring Ideas

With spring now here we can put away those winter blankets on days when we don’t want to go outside because it is too cold and instead head out into the fresh spring air. Our gardens will seem much more appealing in the warm and encourage us to maybe get involved in some gardening to get the outdoors looking ready to be enjoyed over the summer months.  Read more

Father’s Day

Having trouble deciding what to get dad this father’s day? Particularly since they are probably the most difficult to buy for at times as they never really want anything or are quite happy with the things they have seeing no need to buy anything else. However, we always want to show our appreciation and gratitude of how important our fathers are in our lives and we can do so with a beautiful plant from Give Plants.  Read more

Gift Vouchers

There's a few different views on the giving of gift vouchers – some prefer not to give them as they feel that not much thought has gone into the present whereas others believe that it gives the receiver the chance to pick something they like and lessens the chance of you picking something they won’t like or already have - even though gift giving should ultimately be about the thought that counts right? The nice feeling of knowing that someone thought about you and cares enough to send a gift in the first place? Either way gift vouchers are the perfect gift to get someone when you aren’t sure of what to get, for someone who has everything, or you just prefer to let them choose.   Read more

Get Well Plants

Have you ever been to visit a loved one in hospital and may have sometimes mistaken it for a florist shop as you are engulfed by bouquets of flowers? As beautiful as they are, reality is they don’t last very long at all and depending on how long your loved one is in hospital for it could turn what was once a bright cheerful room with living flowers into a dull room when the bouquet eventually perishes.  Read more

Plants to cook with

Plants have many wonderful uses in our everyday lives, and providing us with food is most definitely up there as one of the top uses. There’s nothing like growing your own fruit and/or vegetables and having them on hand when you need knowing that they are fresh and truly organic. Whether they are used to make a delicious lemon cake, or lime for your gin and tonic, the possibilities are endless.  Read more

Plants for apartments

It is at most times the presumption that plants are for the outside somewhere in the garden, however, this could not be further from the truth. Yes, many plants are for the outdoors and look stunning in the garden but there are also many that are for the indoors that are equally as stunning. Take apartments for instance, at times probably a tough space to decorate due to a more compact area than a house and also majority of the time there is no lawn space or gardens, but there are many indoor plants and even outdoor plants that are perfect for apartments that could turn your space into a humble abode. Read more

Winter Blues

Winter is a time of year where we feel less inclined to head outside and spend some time in the garden. We disregard the idea due to the fact that it is colder and we would much rather prefer being cosy warm inside with a hot drink. However, some best plant picks for the winter season can brighten up any garden and possibly make winter a little more bearable every time you look out at your beautiful garden which will hopefully give you some motivation to head outside.  Read more

The modern day florist

An interesting piece of research has surfaced over imported flowers to florists that aren’t so natural after all. A bouquet of flowers we all without hesitation assume are a natural and beautiful gift, however, it has come to the attention that they are not so natural and may in fact be having a negative effect on the environment and on those who work under the conditions in which they are grown.  Read more

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are an occasion that mark a very special event for many different reasons. Yeah the most common anniversary celebrated will be for years of marriage, but another important anniversary that is often celebrated is the months or years since the passing of a loved one. Even though a sadder occasion than that of a wedding anniversary (some who have been married for too long I’m sure would disagree with that), on the other hand it can be a very happy one at the same time being able to think about all the good memories you had with that person. Read more

Arbor Day

Arbor Day you say? Now there are probably a few of you out there who are thinking what is Arbor Day? – Am I right?! Arbor meaning tree, is a day to encourage the planting and caring of trees. Held on 5 June every year it draws focus to the importance of trees in our society. Moderating our climate, improving our air quality, controlling floodwaters, and providing a home and food for our unique wildlife - all reasons why trees are so important and yet often times we take them for granted or don’t regularly think about it. Many countries around the world observe it as a holiday and celebrate it in many communities and in many different ways. Read more

Plant Care

Water, sunlight, and food - the 3 things that all plants need in order to survive. However, different types of plants need different amounts of each and then it will also be dependent on whether it is an indoor/outdoor potted plant or one in the garden. Knowing your plant is definitely the first place to start when planting, and these days a quick google search on the type of plant you have will provide you with all the information you need to ensure your plant reaches it beautiful full potential for years to come. Knowing the basics to all planting can also get you a long way, here are some basic tips about indoor and outdoor planting in general that may be helpful to know, but as I mentioned earlier on, each plant requires different amounts so if you really aren’t sure on the specifics then a google search will be the way to go.  Read more

Eco vs Sustainable

Eco-friendly vs sustainability, both two very important things in our cycle of life here on Earth, yet often times when they are faced off against one another which will come better off of the two? To begin with, if people can’t get a product that is both of these two things then the question must be proposed about which one will then be better? However, as both concepts are essential to the environment it’s not about which is better but having the knowledge to carry out these practices wherever possible. Read more

Plants with meaning

Plants are a beautiful living gift that are very much necessary for our life here on earth. I guess majority of us would focus on the beauty that some of these plants uphold and trying to nourish it properly so it can grow for years into the future, but we don’t often think about what the meaning behind some of these plants actually are when in fact there is a wealth of history associated with it.  Read more

What to buy people in New Zealand

Some hard questions are formed when we want to buy a gift for someone very special to us yet have no idea what to send when you are living in different countries, sometimes all across the other side of the world. No matter the distance we still want to show that we are thinking of them, especially on important occasions such a birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, bereavements, anniversaries, and all other occasions deemed important. What also contributes to making this choice difficult is the delivery cost if the gift was to be sent from overseas, ensuring that it arrives in good condition, on time, and without getting lost.  Read more

Do plants make the best pets?

Perhaps a strange question to ask? But if you stop to think about it for a second, like me, you may believe it’s not such a silly question after all .For instance, there are those out there that aren’t animal people and spend most their life having had no pets. Although this may be the case, the desire to look after something and watch it grow still may hold true, yet having children may not be desired or possibly the children have grown up already and you may be looking for something to fill the void but with not as much effort and money that goes into looking after children. So with all this in mind I have chosen to propose this question whether or not plants make the best pets? Read more

The act of giving - Give a plant today

“It’s the thought that counts,” a response that should automatically come to mind when having received a gift from someone regardless of what it is. The fact that someone has taken the time to think about you is most definitely a sign showing how important you are to them and also they are to you. We all know that the act of giving makes us feel happy and gives us the satisfaction that we have done something good in order to make someone else happy. As humans we thrive of knowing that we have made someone’s day so why not send a beautiful plant from our wide range of plants at Give Plants. Read more

The benefits of planting a beautiful olive tree

Olive Trees – Inevitably many of us would be thinking about the fruit, its leaves and oil that it has to offer, yet the Olive Tree is far more than what it produces. Known as a plant of peace offering, wisdom, and also a symbol of vitality where the winners of ancient Olympic Games were given an olive branch, it is the ideal gift for not only those who love to cook, but for all occasions where you wonder “what shall I get for someone who has everything?” Read more

the growing gift - what to get as a birth gift

The birth of a new born child is always such an exciting and precious time. A moment that brings such joy to the lives of many family and friends. However, with precious moments such as this brings endless questions about what to buy as a birth gift in order to show our excitement and congratulations. Baby clothes and necessities, although are always good to have are most likely to have been bought already, something a little more sentimental such as a plant could be just the ideal gift. A very fitting gift idea in the sense that as the baby grows so too will the tree, imagine in a few years’ time or even when adulthood is reached and you can look at the tree and think of how much it has grown just as the life of the baby has grown too. It will be a constant reminder of such a precious time and even milestones reached throughout life. Read more

The online world - a plant gift that is easy and stress free

Making purchases online has sky rocketed over the past few years, leaving retailers under the pressure of losing business whist trying to compete with this. We have become so reliant on technology that it is a crucial part of our everyday functioning - to no surprise then that online purchasing has become ever so popular. Not to mention having to avoid crowds of people at the stores and also making it easy and stress-free with the product often arriving within days of the purchase.  Read more

Corporate Gift Giving - be rememebered

Corporate gift giving has become a huge part of many companies and their culture. If carried out effectively opportunities can arise for the company in the form of strengthening the bonds with key customers and employees, creating a feeling of reciprocity and goodwill, forming new relationships, and promoting the business of the company. With this in mind, along with the increased awareness by companies that developing and sustaining long-term relationships with customers is important, it is crucial then that the right gift is delivered with careful thought.  Read more

Indoor plants - help the healing process

Have you ever stopped to think why plants are commonly used in places like hospital wards and rooms? Numerous studies such as the one carried out by Texas A&M University have established that stress slows the healing process but with the presence of plants they help to alleviate some of the stress that may be exhibited by some patients. As hospitals and other clinical settings prioritise relieving as much stress as possible upon patients then it makes sense to have plants in their surroundings. The aesthetically- pleasing, and soothing effects of plants help to lower the stress which is essential for a fast recovery. Hospital courtyards where staff can also go during their breaks commonly consist of plant greenery as often times their jobs can be stressful and it offers a place of calm and helps to lower stress levels. Read more

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, a day that should really be celebrated every single day because without them we all wouldn’t be here today. So what could we possibly give to our mothers this Mother’s Day to truly show how much they are appreciated and the importance they place in our lives? Read more

Tree gifts - the gift of life and the importance they hold

Trees - a very important source of life here on earth and as much as we take them for granted they are essential – being the oxygen and food source they provide. With all the destroying of natural tree environments in order to make way for commercial buildings, subdivisions, motorways etc., we don’t often give second thought to the tree that previously stood tall before. Yet without them we could really do some damage to our planet. Read more

When life gives you lemons - citrus plants and their benefits

Lemons or limes? Which would you prefer?  Well as the saying goes ‘when life gives you lemons…’ in our view – then be thankful and chuck them with a bit of tequila, or perhaps a little more on the conservative side - a homemade lemonade wouldn’t go a miss? Maybe a lime to add to a nice cool glass of lemon lime and bitters? The ideas are endless and here at Give Plants we offer a quality centre grade lemon or lime tree to be delivered all across New Zealand and arriving in perfect condition, not having to step a foot out of the house to pay a visit to the local supermarket for a bag of lemons or limes. Read more

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day – some would say a rather commercialised day that retailers can profit off hugely by increasing the price in their products, a day that some of us would rather not think about, or on the other hand a sometimes very important day for others. And for those of us who consider this day one of very high importance have you ever stopped to wonder where past valentines gifts have ended up or what could possibly top the gifts received from previous years?  Read more


A recent study has found that bosses looking to quickly increase productivity should ditch those brainstorming meetings and instead invest in office plants. Let’s fall off our chairs in surprise! This study, led by Cardiff University’s School of Psychology found that adding plants to an otherwise spartan desk boosted a worker’s productivity by 15 per cent, and challenges the ‘lean philosophy’ which holds that stark, uncluttered spaces are best for concentration – hello? Who came up with that brilliant concept? Well, the friendly and innovative team at Give Plants will gladly claim it for themselves! Read more

Plant Trends

With new habits and commitments forming in this day and age around natural foods, products, and home decorations it seems that the use of plants in this sense is becoming increasingly popular. Many cafes are taking up this trend by displaying herb planter boxes or pot plants, interesting plant displays or quirky hanging pot plants, some even going to the efforts of having types of plants, lemons, and herbs in their water jugs. You will often find that these sorts of cafes are small yet always busy with people appreciating the simplicity. Read more

Are Flowers Still Relevant?

In today’s society where we are surrounded by a world of technology and expensive gifts, has the act of giving such simple things in life that often times turn out to be some of the most beautiful and thoughtful things received such as flowers become a thing of the past?  Read more

GIFT MILEAGE lasting gifts

Have you ever thought about that ‘well thought out’ gift you last gave to someone and whether they just ‘binned’ it, hid it, or ‘god forgive us’ re-gifted it? (Yes, there are people out there, people, who actually do ‘re gift’ gifts.) Enough already.  Read more


Have you ever been completely stumped as to what to give a friend or family member for their birthday? We all know the pleasure of receiving a great gift, particularly if it has been well thought out and is totally ‘just what you wanted’. But, what about the ‘pleasure of giving?’ We know that there is such a thing, but it isn’t always that easy to achieve. Birthdays are special to the person having one, so I think it’s important to put as much thought into a birthday gift as possible. Luckily, right here in little old NZ we have a totally awesome ‘gift giving’ idea with Give Plants.  Read more

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day.  We recently ran a poll on Facebook asking what mothers would most like for Mother’s Day. Guess what? Mothers would love a day spent away from their children! We really didn’t need a poll to tell us that. No surprises there then. That is something the husband could do for her – look after the kids for the day while mum has a well-earned rest, maybe catching up with friends for lunch or a coffee. Read more

Beware of plants bearing fruits

Beware of plants bearing fruits. Shouldn’t that be ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts?’ Don’t know why Greeks are so dangerous but why beware of a plant bearing fruit? Because when someone sends you something this beautiful and delicious, you could become addicted – which is dangerous! Think big fat green ovoid feijoas, golden aromatic lemons, and shiny green and black and beautiful olives. You could send or receive any of these on any occasion when you visit us at Give Plants.  Read more

With Valentines Day just around the corner Anthurium flowers can easily remain attractive for months in a pot with little care required. These are long-lasting flowers with sturdy stems. Anthuriums are easy to care for and they need very little attention to keep looking beautiful for a long time.  Anthuriums are available as cut flowers and pot plants in a wide range of sizes and varieties. Their flowers vary in shape and colour with our most popular a red heart shape. 

So this Valentines Day why not buy a living flower that will go the distance like your relationship and last for years to come rather than wilting away days after the celebration