How Your Gift of Flowers Can Help Someone Who Has Lost A Loved One

Give Plants: Posted on 01-September-2017.

When someone close to us loses a loved one, the first thing most of us want to do is show we care, give comfort to those left behind and express respect, offer a token of tribute for the deceased.

We immediately try to be on hand to help and offer support, cook meals, send cards, flowers & plants.  We wonder what flowers to buy when someone dies, and where to buy the sympathy flowers that mean the most. These kindnesses aid in the grieving process of both the giver and receiver.

Flowers have forever been integral to funerals, being a beautiful visual expression of emotion & respect.

Often the grieving is inundated with beautiful bouquets of flowers.   The life of a flower is fleeting, symbolic in a way of our lives too.  These bouquets slowly wither and die over the course of 2-3 weeks coinciding poorly with most people having processed their grief somewhat and are slowly getting life back on track.

With the death of the flowers the feelings of grief & loss can return a new.

In an American study entitled ‘The Role of Flowers and Plants in the Bereavement Process’, participants spoke of the importance of living plants with 53% agreeing with the statement "I prefer giving live plants, bulbs, or seeds as a memorial for the deceased rather than a cut flower arrangement."

Whilst flowers die, a living plant will flourish and continue for years along with the memory of lost loved ones.

Participants of the study also mentioned that most support, flowers & plants were received within the same week as the death & funeral.  They agreed that receiving a gift or card a few weeks or months later to say they are being thought of would have greatly helped.

Anniversary of death, birthday and wedding anniversary are also tough times for the survivors. Sending a living flower on these occasions is a wonderful reminder that you care & they haven’t been forgotten.

Imagine sending a tree of remembrance, when the tree has grown they can sit beneath its protective boughs – symbolic of those passed on.

Or a flowering shrub that fills a spot in the garden with cheery colour & life just like the life it pays tribute to. And if you are not sure what the best flowers are to buy for a death there is plenty of information online to help you make the most caring decision.

Giving a living plant won’t heal a broken heart but it offers comfort in showing you care.