10 Reasons Why Living Gifts are the Best

Give Plants: Posted on 04-February-2019.
Whether it’s a housewarming, corporate gift or to mark a birthday, anniversary or bereavement, a living gift will give years of delight to the recipient. However, that’s not all, here are 10 reasons why a living gift keeps on giving…

1. Living tree gifts are original

Giving a gift of a tree, shrub or edible plant shows thought and thinking outside the box (the proverbial box being the usual chocolates, flowers and scented candles).  As original as they are unique, a living tree gift can be purchased online and either delivered to you (so that you can present it to the recipient) or sent directly to the lucky person in question.

2. A gift of a tree will last for years

As you know, trees tend to live for a very long and so giving a gift of a tree shows a belief in continuity that is often tied to an occasion such a birth, birthday and death. It also allows the recipient to watch something grow and remember a special attachment to the tree thanks to your thoughtfulness.

3. A tree doesn’t thicken the waistline

It may seem silly, but quite often people do not appreciate receiving chocolates for health and diet reasons. For many, any willpower vanishes the moment a box of choccies passes under their nose, and after they’ve demolished them, their mood goes rapidly downhill. At least they won’t be tempted to eat a tree – unless it’s the fruit such as lemons, limes or olives!

4. A living gift keeps on giving

How wonderful to think that the tree or plant that you give to someone special will not only provide them with many years of pleasure but that it will help to keep their environment clean. Trees absorb harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide and release impressive amounts of oxygen. If left to grow large enough, a tree can produce one day’s worth of oxygen for four people.  

5. You get to create an ecosystem

A living tree gift entices birds, animals and insects into the garden which provide an educational as well as an entertaining aspect to your gift. Certain types of butterfly are attracted to citrus trees such as lemon and lime, while birds like to nibble at olive fruit (you can always put a net over a tree if it is over-visited!)

6. Your ‘gift tree’ is mobile 

If you give a living gift such as a citrus tree, it can grow in a pot. A tree in a pot means that your gift is mobile. Should the recipient move or just fancy a change, they can move the container around the garden (as well as bringing it indoors if there is a frost). 

7. You can create a ceremony around the planting 

If the tree or plant that you give to someone is to mark a momentous occasion, you can hold a service and get all your family/friends involved. Taking turns to dig a hole and fill it can be as fun or significant as suits the purpose. If the living gift is in memory of a person, it can be nice to also say a few words about the person and the symbolism of the eternal tree. 

8. A living gift can spark a passion

Giving a living gift means that the recipient will need to tend to a plant. While for some people green-fingers come naturally, others might not be the same or have had a chance to develop such an interest. A lack of gardening experience is particularly likely in the case of children, or for people who live in apartments. Who knows, a living plant in a pot could be just the trigger to start a new hobby. 

9. Creates a talking point

For years to come there will always be something to say about your living gift. For example, the recipient might phone to tell you how the first flowers have bloomed, or they’ve just enjoyed a Thai curry made all the better for using the kaffir lime leaves from your gift. 

10. You can make cuttings

If you’ve ever dolloped out the gloopy mixture for a friendship cake, taken part in chain letters or given your Kombucha scoby to another, you’ll understand that sharing is caring. When it comes to planting it’s possible to make cuttings and pass these on. This means that your one gift could duplicate and multiply and give tens more people enjoyment for years to come!

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