Give Plants: Posted on 08-November-2017.

Flowers.  A gift suitable for all occasions & the most popular go to present for those short on time & inspiration.  But does it make sense to make a gift of something whose beauty is so incredibly fleeting?  A bouquet of blooms lasts a working week at best before making a depressing table display as it proceeds to wither, brown & shrivel, leaving the recipient the hassle of clean up & disposal.  Give Plants offers a more thoughtful alternative to sending a bunch of flowers – Living Flowers.

 There is a flowering plant for every occasion & personality.  Your gift will last for months, even years depending on your choice of living flower. Vibrant red flowers of the Tahitian Pohutukawa are prolific, growing to a compact shrub, perfect for adding colour to a patio or garden.  Such an offering will be much appreciated by your loved one as well as the bees.

 Plants that provide a bounty of fruit after a fragrant flower display offer double the pleasure and make your gift the best of the bunch, especially at house warmings.  Limes & Meyer Lemons are easy to grow & a must for any garden, foodie or entertainer.  You couldn’t help but think of the person who gave you the plant every time you picked a fruit.

 Bouquets of flowers never really look manly do they?  It’s not typically a gift that men would be grateful for (if they were honest).  Living flowers however can be very masculine. Give Plants Dieffenbachia or Philodendron Congo’s fit the bill perfectly.  Both feature in Give Plants indoor range.  They evoke thoughts of a jungle with their impressive large lush leaves. You’d definitely score 10/10 for thinking of such a fitting & unique present. 

 Give Plants gifts come in their own specifically designed cardboard box with a personalized gift card.  Freight is $7.50 for delivery anywhere in New Zealand, and as Jonathan Beale of Auckland confirms, “What a wonderful gift to receive. The excitement of opening the box to reveal the plant was an experience in itself. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and will always be a great talking point and focal point to remember.”