Let Your Love Grow

Give Plants: Posted on 09-February-2018.

Let Your Love Grow

Valentines Day is a time to show those we hold nearest and dearest how much we love and appreciate them.   Whilst some true romantics profess their love in the grandiose fashion of elaborate dates, singing telegrams, jewellery & fanfare, most of us prefer gift giving to show our adoration, usually chocolates and/or flowers.

I wonder if these time honoured Valentine’s gifts have become a little ho-hum & predictable, out dated perhaps in this modern age.  The general population is becoming more conscious of sugar intake & its effect on our health & weight.  As the saying goes–  ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’. 

Bouquets of flowers are beautiful, there is no doubt, however their price tag sky rockets in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day to extortionate levels and their beauty is so short lived.

It is a well-known fact market grown flowers have dire impact on the environment due to the growing methods required to produce perfect blooms en mass.  Let’s not forget about the air miles they clock up to travel & endless rolls of non-recyclable plastics used to pretty the bouquets.

So what other gifts are left to profess your love?

Plants!  There is an endless selection of plants that flower, have interesting foliage or edible parts.

They are far better value for money, especially for Valentines Day.  A good sized plant will likely be cheaper or a similar price to a meagre bouquet of flowers.  Many plants will live for months if not years.  Isn’t a long-lived gift a more fitting, accurate portrayal of our love than that of a fleeting flower bouquet?

Unlike flowers, plants make a perfect gift for the man in your life.  A lush tropical foliage plant such as a philodendron is a great choice.  Cooks would adore receiving a fruit tree & there is an endless choice of plants for the bloom lovers – hydrangea, anthurium, crepe myrtle, metrosideros, peace lily or kowhai.

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Be a little different this Valentine’s Day, don’t just let your love show, let your love GROW!

Happy Valentine’s Day!