Gardening - Is it therapeutic?

Give Plants: Posted on 17-September-2015.

I’m sure many of us have felt a great sense of satisfaction after a good session in the garden pulling out all the overgrown weeds from a long cold winter to be left with a beautiful clean garden that you can actually see the soil and distinguish between plants and weeds that looked like plants . With this accomplishment and probably a bit of an aching body after, the reward of a beautifully looking garden may outweigh any sore back pain you may have gathered and you may in fact feel refreshed, renewed and content with your gardens outcome- simply to be admired and enjoyed.

With this comes numerous years of studies on gardening and the therapeutic benefits associated with it. Much research still continues to try and discover how gardening actually affects the mind and brain but what is known is that it reduces stress (there’s a decrease in cortisol levels) and can calm the nerves.

The peacefulness and escape from others that gardening brings about may also play a huge part in the idea that gardening is therapeutic. Having a task at hand and putting all the focus into getting it done with the outcome of a beautiful garden at the end may surely give you a feeling of satisfaction.

With many beautiful plants available from Give Plants for purchase you can to experience some of the therapeutic benefits associated with gardening, like that of reducing stress, calming of the nerves, and any other feeling you may experience when you do any kind of gardening.