Housewarming Gifts

Give Plants - Friday, February 26, 2016

Moving into a new home is always such an exciting time. Whether you’re setting up in your own first home, moving into another bought home, or moving into a renting/flatting situation, there is always a sense of excitement in setting up things when you first move in. The joy of moving into a new house is often times shared with family and friends you are close with and they may want to express their warm wishes into your new house with a gift.

Housewarming gifts can sometimes be a little tricky though in the sense that as the person buying, you don’t want to buy something they may already have and something that can be useful without adding to the amount of things they may have for their house if they have too many things already.

However, a housewarming plant may be the perfect solution for a housewarming gift. At Give Plants we offer a range of wonderful plants for housewarming. Whether it be a plant from our outdoor range like a citrus tree, from our indoor range such as a peace lily, or even new to the range – a basil plant. Popular plants include any of our citrus trees as they can be utilised years down the track when their fruits are still being picked off the tree. Or perhaps a plant for inside that may just add the finishing touch when everything is moved in, for example, our peace lily can freshen up any home. Definitely a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated and can remind the receiver of you years later.