Corporate Gifts

Give Plants: Posted on 18-March-2016.

Corporate gift giving is an essential tool that can be used in the marketing communication mix. If carried out effectively opportunities can arise for the company in the form of strengthening the bonds with key customers and employees, creating a feeling of reciprocity and goodwill, forming new relationships, and promoting the business of the company.

At Give Plants we have a range of beautiful plants that suit our corporate clients perfectly and we love to hear all the positive feedback that they get from their customers. We tailor to the different needs of our Corporate clients with regards to the plants used for their customers and the ordering and delivery processes. Most popular plants among our corporates are the lime tree, metrosiderous tree, and a variety from our indoor range. They are extremely welcomed by our corporate’s customers due to the fact that they are not only a stunning surprise in a box, but are different, living and long lasting.

It also brings up for good conversation and promotion of your company when a family member/friend/co-worker asks where they got their beautiful plant from and little do they know that they are in fact promoting your company by spreading the good word to potential customers in the future or even for past and present customers continuing to go back for future business.