Give Plants: Posted on 03-October-2014.

Have you ever been completely stumped as to what to give a friend or family member for their birthday? We all know the pleasure of receiving a great gift, particularly if it has been well thought out and is totally ‘just what you wanted’. But, what about the ‘pleasure of giving?’ We know that there is such a thing, but it isn’t always that easy to achieve. Birthdays are special to the person having one, so I think it’s important to put as much thought into a birthday gift as possible. Luckily, right here in little old NZ we have a totally awesome ‘gift giving’ idea with Give Plants.

Give Plants really is the answer to the question of what to give to your best friend, loved family member or anyone at all who is having a birthday. Like me, you probably have someone in your life who ‘has everything’, so thinking up a birthday present for them is a nightmare. Sure, a beautiful bouquet of flowers will usually do the trick, (for a woman anyway!), but they can really only be enjoyed for a short time. Imagine a beautifully presented living plant gift, delivered to their door and which could be a talking point for years to come, (talking about you). Nice one, all boxes ticked.

How about a gorgeous living citrus plant; think fresh lemon or lime tree, known for their refreshing and cleansing properties. A living gift of citrus comes with the added bonus of the fabulous scent of citrus flowers when your mate opens the delivery box – yum! Boxes totally ticked.