Anniversary Gifts

Give Plants: Posted on 08-June-2015.

Anniversaries are an occasion that mark a very special event for many different reasons. Yeah the most common anniversary celebrated will be for years of marriage, but another important anniversary that is often celebrated is the months or years since the passing of a loved one. Even though a sadder occasion than that of a wedding anniversary (some who have been married for too long I’m sure would disagree with that), on the other hand it can be a very happy one at the same time being able to think about all the good memories you had with that person.

It is then with regards to an anniversary gift that celebrating the anniversary of a marriage would be simple having to follow the guide of how ever many years of marriage means a different gift, for example: 1 year is paper, 10 years is tin, 20 years is China, and so on. But with the world the way it is today, traditions are not so well up kept as people have become more laid back and open to new ideas. With this in mind, why not give your loved one a plant to celebrate your anniversary to show them how much they mean to you every time they look at the plant, a constant reminder of the love you share that will be continue for years along with the growth of the plant.

An anniversary gift to remember a loved one that has passed on, without a doubt a plant would be the most perfect and fitting gift. Each time the plant is looked at by the person they will be able to think of you giving it to them at such a special time and most importantly remember all the fond memories they have of their loved one.