Arbor Day

Give Plants: Posted on 27-May-2015.

Arbor Day you say? Now there are probably a few of you out there who are thinking what is Arbor Day? – Am I right?! Arbor meaning tree, is a day to encourage the planting and caring of trees. Held on 5 June every year it draws focus to the importance of trees in our society. Moderating our climate, improving our air quality, controlling floodwaters, and providing a home and food for our unique wildlife - all reasons why trees are so important and yet often times we take them for granted or don’t regularly think about it. Many countries around the world observe it as a holiday and celebrate it in many communities and in many different ways.

The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska in 1872, here in New Zealand, Grey town was the first place to celebrate in 1890. Today many places throughout New Zealand celebrate it by organising community plantings in parks and supporting schools in their tree planting activities such as the Christchurch City Council does.

Showing appreciation for Arbor Day is not confined to planting trees, but can also be shown by simply reading a book about trees or doing anything that is tree related to show your engagement and get you thinking about the importance they have. Also, it is not to say that we should only plant trees around or on Arbor Day, but continue to do so all year round.

If you would like to play your part and show appreciation for Arbor Day this year there are plenty of activities across the country for you to join in on voluntarily. Or perhaps if you wanted to celebrate it by planting your own tree then Give Plants is the ideal place for you to purchase a beautiful tree and contribute to society in a positively beautiful way.