Corporate Gift Giving - be rememebered

Give Plants: Posted on 17-March-2015.

Corporate gift giving has become a huge part of many companies and their culture. If carried out effectively opportunities can arise for the company in the form of strengthening the bonds with key customers and employees, creating a feeling of reciprocity and goodwill, forming new relationships, and promoting the business of the company. With this in mind, along with the increased awareness by companies that developing and sustaining long-term relationships with customers is important, it is crucial then that the right gift is delivered with careful thought.

As a customer I would sure be delighted with receiving a gift of a plant from the company I had previously purchased from. The follow up after purchase would make me feel like they cared and it would most definitely keep them top of mind every time the plant was seen, allowing me to go back for further business in the future without any hesitation.

Here at Give Plants we offer a range of beautiful plants that suit all types of companies and customers – from our indoor range right through to our outdoor including flowering and fruit bearing trees, and can be delivered anywhere throughout out New Zealand making the experience of purchasing last even longer when it arrives on your door step.

The act of corporate gift giving ensures a positive lasting impression upon the customer and shows them that you haven’t forgotten them and in return that they won’t forget you - A gift that will allow you to be remembered long after your competitor is forgotten.