Corporate gifts, a random act of kindness

Give Plants: Posted on 28-July-2011.
A random act of kindness is when a totally unexpected gift arrives out of the blue. A great example of this is when someone purchase's a car, drive of the yard and a few days later a plant gift arrives. We have many corporate clients who use Give Plants to deliver gifts to their customers. These gifts are used to thank the customers for their business.

The feedback has been amazing from the end customers and in some cases has resulted directly in further business within the week. This happened for a Bank that used our Money Trees as a gift to thank their high net worth investment clients. Client feedback started as soon as the plants started arriving. The bank received e-mails, hand written cards, phone calls and in several cases further funds were invested.

Choosing the plant gift is important and for the bank obviously the Money Tree was a perfect fit. They chose plants because they are a lasting gift and the association that the plant will grow like your investments. Alternatively we have Real Estate firms using Lemon Trees so their clients can be able to celebrate the purchase of the house in years to come.

Some tips that may help:
  • Choose the plant carefully and tie this back to your message
  • Avoid letting the customer know that a gift will arrive, it is all about the surprise (remember a random act of kindness)
  • Branded packaging/ boxes can distract from the surprise. We find our generic Give Plants boxes work well especially when the client supplies their own branded thank you card.
We hope this helps and inspires you to start giving randomly.