Do plants make the best pets?

Give Plants: Posted on 04-May-2015.

Perhaps a strange question to ask? But if you stop to think about it for a second, like me, you may believe it’s not such a silly question after all .For instance, there are those out there that aren’t animal people and spend most their life having had no pets. Although this may be the case, the desire to look after something and watch it grow still may hold true, yet having children may not be desired or possibly the children have grown up already and you may be looking for something to fill the void but with not as much effort and money that goes into looking after children. So with all this in mind I have chosen to propose this question whether or not plants make the best pets?

Looking after a plant in order to allow it to reach its beautiful full potential requires a great deal of care- not as much as a real pet would though. It does need to be fed, sometimes kept out of the sun, and kept groomed when it has over grown or the dead flowers or leaves have fallen off, however, I’m sure it would have to beat having to clean up the mess or cages of some pets. Benefits would also have to be that you do not have to walk them as you would some pets, you won’t hear a noise out of them and you can watch them bloom into the beautiful plant it’s supposed to be for years to come. It becomes something that you can be proud of and can give you the satisfaction that you have contributed to the environment in a positive way.