Eco vs Sustainable

Give Plants: Posted on 19-May-2015.

Eco-friendly vs sustainability, both two very important things in our cycle of life here on Earth, yet often times when they are faced off against one another which will come better off of the two? To begin with, if people can’t get a product that is both of these two things then the question must be proposed about which one will then be better? However, as both concepts are essential to the environment it’s not about which is better but having the knowledge to carry out these practices wherever possible.

Eco-friendly is a concept that implements green practices and builds a healthier relationship between humans and their habitat. Products that are eco-friendly do not have harmful toxins that may threaten the environment. Sustainability involves taking what we need from the natural environment now without jeopardising the potential for people to live off it and taking what they need in the future. For example, it’s an activity or product that can continue forever.

To maybe distinguish between the two a little further and try to in fact see which of the two is better can possibly be determined when a product is eco-friendly yet may not be sustainable due to packaging or delivery transport emissions in which it exhibits. Therefore, not making it sustainable as its carbon emissions during delivery is damaging for the environment in further years to come. So with this in mind sustainability may be a little more important after all.

At Give Plants we ensure our plants and packaging are an eco-friendly and sustainable gift. We love knowing that our product contributes to the environment in a positive way.