Gift Vouchers

Give Plants: Posted on 17-August-2015.

There's a few different views on the giving of gift vouchers – some prefer not to give them as they feel that not much thought has gone into the present whereas others believe that it gives the receiver the chance to pick something they like and lessens the chance of you picking something they won’t like or already have - even though gift giving should ultimately be about the thought that counts right? The nice feeling of knowing that someone thought about you and cares enough to send a gift in the first place? Either way gift vouchers are the perfect gift to get someone when you aren’t sure of what to get, for someone who has everything, or you just prefer to let them choose. 

Here at Give Plants we believe that all of our plants would make wonderful gifts so the choice of any I’m sure wouldn’t go a miss. However, we offer gift vouchers of $25, $50, and $100 for those who prefer the option of letting the receiver choose instead. This way depending on the season, whether or not the receiver has that particular plant already, or whether an indoor or outdoor plant may be preferred, a plant can be chosen after having a think about which plant would suit best, with the gift voucher valid for 6 months. Overall an ideal gift that you definitely can’t go wrong with.