Indoor plants - help the healing process

Give Plants: Posted on 16-March-2015.

Have you ever stopped to think why plants are commonly used in places like hospital wards and rooms? Numerous studies such as the one carried out by Texas A&M University have established that stress slows the healing process but with the presence of plants they help to alleviate some of the stress that may be exhibited by some patients. As hospitals and other clinical settings prioritise relieving as much stress as possible upon patients then it makes sense to have plants in their surroundings. The aesthetically- pleasing, and soothing effects of plants help to lower the stress which is essential for a fast recovery. Hospital courtyards where staff can also go during their breaks commonly consist of plant greenery as often times their jobs can be stressful and it offers a place of calm and helps to lower stress levels.

Sending flowers – sure although aesthetically pleasing, they will only last about a week and in majority of cases the healing process for patients is longer than a week, therefore flowers do not have a lasting effect in terms of helping to heal for a longer period of time and may slow the process.

So next time someone close to you is in need of a fast recovery or to help them with the healing process then think about sending a plant from Give Plants. We offer a range of aesthetically-pleasing plants that can be delivered all across New Zealand and even straight to the hospital room if need be. A beautiful anthurium wouldn’t go a miss and will brighten up any room.