Plant Care

Give Plants: Posted on 25-May-2015.

Water, sunlight, and food - the 3 things that all plants need in order to survive. However, different types of plants need different amounts of each and then it will also be dependent on whether it is an indoor/outdoor potted plant or one in the garden. Knowing your plant is definitely the first place to start when planting, and these days a quick google search on the type of plant you have will provide you with all the information you need to ensure your plant reaches it beautiful full potential for years to come. Knowing the basics to all planting can also get you a long way, here are some basic tips about indoor and outdoor planting in general that may be helpful to know, but as I mentioned earlier on, each plant requires different amounts so if you really aren’t sure on the specifics then a google search will be the way to go.

Let’s begin with indoor plants - choose plants that will suit the light available in your house; water consistently rather than just when you remember to, as longer periods of drought can put a lot of stress on the plant, also have a good drainage system in the pot that isn’t going spill out onto wherever you have it placed in the house; regular fertilizing for indoor plants maintains healthy growth; be mindful of placing the plants near heaters, air conditioning, frosty windows, and curtains; and ensure that pests don’t harm the plant as they will then infect other plants you have inside.

Outdoor plant care is similar to indoor plant care in a sense, such as finding the right location as some prefer more shaded areas and others prefer lots of sun, but if in doubt put in an area with equal amounts; water regularly but don’t drown them; keep weeds at bay; kill off pests; prune when necessary (removing dead leaves and flowers); and finally if required plant food will always help. Most of all enjoy, and look forward to knowing you will have a beautiful plant that will last for years on end.