Plant Trends

Give Plants: Posted on 02-March-2015.

With new habits and commitments forming in this day and age around natural foods, products, and home decorations it seems that the use of plants in this sense is becoming increasingly popular. Many cafes are taking up this trend by displaying herb planter boxes or pot plants, interesting plant displays or quirky hanging pot plants, some even going to the efforts of having types of plants, lemons, and herbs in their water jugs. You will often find that these sorts of cafes are small yet always busy with people appreciating the simplicity.

It is then no wonder that many people have tried to carry on the craze these types of cafes have set by trying to recreate the trend themselves at home. Plant projects such as herb planter boxes or pot plants, vertical gardens, and decorating with hanging pot plants whether inside or outside have become increasingly popular and can add true value to your home.

Give Plants offer a variety of beautiful, quality plants that can be used inside or outside for new projects around the house - whether you are looking to plant a lemon tree to benefit from future use of the lemons like adding them to a jug of water or in a raw recipe which is also a new trend that has become popular, or whether you are looking for a plant to put in a hanging pot plant around the house. There are endless ideas that a plant from Give Plants can be used for to keep up with these newfound trends and can make all the difference around the house and possibly add more value to it.