Plants for apartments

Give Plants: Posted on 06-July-2015.

It is at most times the presumption that plants are for the outside somewhere in the garden, however, this could not be further from the truth. Yes, many plants are for the outdoors and look stunning in the garden but there are also many that are for the indoors that are equally as stunning. Take apartments for instance, at times probably a tough space to decorate due to a more compact area than a house and also majority of the time there is no lawn space or gardens, but there are many indoor plants and even outdoor plants that are perfect for apartments that could turn your space into a humble abode.

A small deck space or balcony off an apartment can be the ideal place to grow one of our citrus trees. Our lime and lemon trees grow very well in a pot plant just as they would in any garden. Finding a statement pot plant with one of our citrus’ in it and putting it on your balcony could add the perfect touch to your apartment and you would also reap the benefits of future limes and/or lemons.

Alternatively, plants from our indoor range such as our peace lily, anthurium, calathea, or philodendron would look stunning as a centre piece on a table, in a bedroom, or even on the kitchen bench. Apartment living shouldn’t be a reason for you to miss out on some beautiful plants especially for those who love to garden but don’t have the opportunity to because they are limited by no lawn space or a smaller living area.