Plants to cook with

Give Plants: Posted on 13-July-2015.

Plants have many wonderful uses in our everyday lives, and providing us with food is most definitely up there as one of the top uses. There’s nothing like growing your own fruit and/or vegetables and having them on hand when you need knowing that they are fresh and truly organic. Whether they are used to make a delicious lemon cake, or lime for your gin and tonic, the possibilities are endless.

At Give Plants we have a few beautiful plants that would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook or even for someone who has everything, and also something that would make the ideal housewarming present. Our lemon and lime trees are always very popular, however, we also have feijoa, olive, and bay trees that would also add the perfect touch to many wonderful recipes.

Many Kiwis love their feijoas, so a feijoa tree would be a much appreciated gift I am sure. Feijoas fresh off the tree or even in a crumble would be a delicacy much appreciated by many. Perhaps an olive tree? Where the olives can be picked off the tree and used in many wonderful dishes in the kitchen. One plant that you may not be aware of however is our Bay Tree, it's beautiful dark green leaves can be grown in the kitchen and is ideal for a hearty winter casserole, which in the case of our New Zealand winter so far would be the best dinner to go home to after a long cold day.