Plants with meaning

Give Plants: Posted on 15-May-2015.

Plants are a beautiful living gift that are very much necessary for our life here on earth. I guess majority of us would focus on the beauty that some of these plants uphold and trying to nourish it properly so it can grow for years into the future, but we don’t often think about what the meaning behind some of these plants actually are when in fact there is a wealth of history associated with it.

For example, the olive tree which is most commonly known for the fruit it bares is actually a symbol of peace. In Ancient Rome times the couriers of peace during war were always sent with an olive branch in their hand.

A few of our plants here at Give Plants like the Myrtle, would you believe is the symbol of love and the emblem of marriage in Hebrew. So if you are looking for an anniversary gift to give your partner then the Myrtle would be your best bet. Other plants that are a symbol of love include the: Jasmine, Camellia (especially white Camellias) that symbol love for a child or parent which is perfect for times such as Mother’s Day, or the birth of a new child.

With an endless amount of plants comes a lot more symbolic meaning behind plenty of other plants too. So next time you receive a plant as a gift, not only be reminded of the person that gave it to you but also think about the meaning of the plant and it may become even more special than you already think it is.