The benefits of planting a beautiful olive tree

Give Plants: Posted on 20-April-2015.

Olive Trees – Inevitably many of us would be thinking about the fruit, its leaves and oil that it has to offer, yet the Olive Tree is far more than what it produces. Known as a plant of peace offering, wisdom, and also a symbol of vitality where the winners of ancient Olympic Games were given an olive branch, it is the ideal gift for not only those who love to cook, but for all occasions where you wonder “what shall I get for someone who has everything?”

Give Plants offer a beautiful olive tree that can be delivered throughout New Zealand and with the many benefits associated with its fruit, leaves and oil which consist of a lower blood pressure, heart disease prevention, and protection against many age related chronic conditions it would be the best investment for a long lasting life, and I’m not just referring to the plant either.

The many uses olives and olive oil have in the kitchen are endless and how great would it be if the olives were straight off the tree, not having to step a foot out of the house to the supermarket and always on hand when you need. A very useful gift that will be much appreciated for years to come I’m sure!