the growing gift - what to get as a birth gift

Give Plants: Posted on 10-April-2015.

The birth of a new born child is always such an exciting and precious time. A moment that brings such joy to the lives of many family and friends. However, with precious moments such as this brings endless questions about what to buy as a birth gift in order to show our excitement and congratulations. Baby clothes and necessities, although are always good to have are most likely to have been bought already, something a little more sentimental such as a plant could be just the ideal gift. A very fitting gift idea in the sense that as the baby grows so too will the tree, imagine in a few years’ time or even when adulthood is reached and you can look at the tree and think of how much it has grown just as the life of the baby has grown too. It will be a constant reminder of such a precious time and even milestones reached throughout life.

Here at Give Plants we offer a range of trees perfect for such a sentimental moment. Imagine one of our stunning Crepe Myrtle’s and its beautiful pink flowers a few years down the track with a swing hanging off for the child that it was gifted for to swing off. Picture perfect moments that are always taken for granted in today’s society I say. Perhaps one of our Kowhai that grow into a beautiful tree with its bright yellow flowers - a testimate to the beautiful child that was brought into this life. Most definitely a living gift that will last a long beautiful life just as we wish upon the new born child.