Tree gifts - the gift of life and the importance they hold

Give Plants: Posted on 13-March-2015.

Trees - a very important source of life here on earth and as much as we take them for granted they are essential – being the oxygen and food source they provide. With all the destroying of natural tree environments in order to make way for commercial buildings, subdivisions, motorways etc., we don’t often give second thought to the tree that previously stood tall before. Yet without them we could really do some damage to our planet.

So why not send a plant as a gift or purchase one for yourself and do your part in the world by trying to make it a cleaner greener environment. At Give Plants choose from a variety of trees that are not only of quality grade but are natural, eco-friendly and sustainable. Native trees, such as our beautiful Kowhai trees not only look stunning in your backyard when the flowers have bloomed, but also shows that you have done a small part in the community by keeping trees alive and a part of our planet, especially one native to our country to give a sense of belonging to a place like New Zealand and keeping our culture going for generations to come.

A tree from Give Plants can give the recipient the feeling that they are contributing to the world in a positive way, so send a plant today with Give Plants and make the Earth a greener and cleaner place for generations to come.