Valentines Day

Give Plants: Posted on 10-March-2015.

Valentine’s Day – some would say a rather commercialised day that retailers can profit off hugely by increasing the price in their products, a day that some of us would rather not think about, or on the other hand a sometimes very important day for others. And for those of us who consider this day one of very high importance have you ever stopped to wonder where past valentines gifts have ended up or what could possibly top the gifts received from previous years?

Give Plants has the answer for you, with our beautiful range of plants that can be delivered just in time for Valentine’s Day. A gift that lasts for years on end and is a permanent reminder of the love you share for that person. If you think about the generic gift of a rose and chocolates, they do not last and you are most likely left having to pay for the exact same gift the year after. With the cost of these gifts doubling in price a week or two leading up to Valentine’s Day it could become a bit tough on the wallet.

There’s nothing quite fitting than saying you hope the love you have for a person lasts a lifetime by sending a quality plant that also lasts a lifetime. A well thought about gift that will truly be appreciated and a reminder of the love you share for years to come which is how love should be celebrated rather than just on one day of the year.