What to buy people in New Zealand

Give Plants: Posted on 12-May-2015.

Some hard questions are formed when we want to buy a gift for someone very special to us yet have no idea what to send when you are living in different countries, sometimes all across the other side of the world. No matter the distance we still want to show that we are thinking of them, especially on important occasions such a birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, bereavements, anniversaries, and all other occasions deemed important. What also contributes to making this choice difficult is the delivery cost if the gift was to be sent from overseas, ensuring that it arrives in good condition, on time, and without getting lost.

That is why at Give Plants we specialise in sending good quality plants all throughout New Zealand and arriving in perfect condition. No matter where you are in the world all you have to do is visit our website, choose from our beautiful range of plants, and send one to your loved ones in New Zealand. We pride ourselves in what we do at Give Plants right down to our boxes that are made from 68% recyclable paper and the rest from sustained trees, they are designed to protect the plant during delivery by locking the plant in place resulting in a plant arriving at the doorstep in perfect condition.

Interesting enough 65% of our online orders were made from the UK showing how important it is that we have our service available to those living outside New Zealand to send the perfect gift and help to take the stress out of wondering what to send to their loved ones here in New Zealand.