When life gives you lemons - citrus plants and their benefits

Give Plants: Posted on 11-March-2015.

Lemons or limes? Which would you prefer?  Well as the saying goes ‘when life gives you lemons…’ in our view – then be thankful and chuck them with a bit of tequila, or perhaps a little more on the conservative side - a homemade lemonade wouldn’t go a miss? Maybe a lime to add to a nice cool glass of lemon lime and bitters? The ideas are endless and here at Give Plants we offer a quality centre grade lemon or lime tree to be delivered all across New Zealand and arriving in perfect condition, not having to step a foot out of the house to pay a visit to the local supermarket for a bag of lemons or limes.

These citrus plants offer more than just their sweet smelling scent and vitamin C enriched fruit, but most importantly a number of powerful medicinal purposes. Fighting the flu, antiseptic properties, weight loss, cleaning the blood and skin, aiding digestion and blood circulation, and helping to improve a huge number of illnesses are all key reasons we can do with lemons on a daily basis, and the same can be said for limes as they share similar properties to those of lemons.

How about a lemon cheesecake or a strawberry and lime tart. Doubling as the perfect sole ingredient in thousands of cooking and baking recipes. Needless to say that there are plenty of uses for citrus plants to last for years to come and also years of experiencing the benefits associated with their fruit which can help improve your overall health. So take those lemons and lets cheers to a healthy life.