Why plants are a better gift than flowers

Give Plants - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flowers are a beautiful gift, yet they can only go so far. With only a 1-2 weeks lifetime before this gift is thrown out along with the memory of who bought it for you. A plant on the other hand, lasts a lifetime and can serve a happy reminder of the person who bought it for you each time the plant is looked at.

A competition on our Give Plants Facebook page asking why plants are a better gift than flowers showed that majority of the people mostly agreed with this concept of plants being a lasting, living gift that keeps on giving. Giving back to the environment and the fact that the person giving the gift would’ve taken the time to pick the right plant for the recipient making them feel even more special was also mentioned among many of the comments. The feedback was very overwhelming and reiterated some of the reasons why Give Plants was started.

At Give Plants, with so many beautiful plants to choose from that are sure to last a lifetime, the decision to gift a plant rather than flowers should be simple. A plant that will continue to grow stunning flowers for years on end rather than a bunch of flowers that will die after one or two weeks is much more preferable. For example, send a plant like one of our beautiful camellia’s today and allow the recipient to watch it blossom for years to come and remind them of how much you care about them. It's a gift that lasts a lifetime and is perfect for all occasions.