Winter Blues

Give Plants: Posted on 29-June-2015.

Winter is a time of year where we feel less inclined to head outside and spend some time in the garden. We disregard the idea due to the fact that it is colder and we would much rather prefer being cosy warm inside with a hot drink. However, some best plant picks for the winter season can brighten up any garden and possibly make winter a little more bearable every time you look out at your beautiful garden which will hopefully give you some motivation to head outside.

Camellias look stunning in any garden all year round. However, later in winter is when the larger flowers bloom that can be used for vases inside the house, instantly bringing colour and hopefully cheerfulness on days that make you not so happy because it is too cold.

Dragons Gold also known as the Kowhai tree comes into bloom in the winter as it is very hardy providing lots of yellow clusters of flowers and bringing plenty of colour into your garden hopefully putting a smile on your face despite the cold.

At Give Plants we are all for making someone’s day a whole lot brighter especially throughout these cold winter months because let’s face it sometimes all you feel like doing is curling up into a ball on the couch with a blanket. Send one of our camellias, dragons’ gold, or more from our beautiful range of plants as a gift today to ensure they don’t have to endure a cold winter without the cheerfulness that is provided by these stunning plants.